My 5 favorite champs

Varus was the first champion i “mained” I’ve always just liked the bow he has, and the great engage he can provide. His ult will make everyone run and get out of position unless they want to be snared for a crazy amount of time. He also provides really good lane pressure with his e, not to mention the grievous wounds.

Jinx is my most played champion as of late. I love how well she scales and she’s my favorite hyper carry. Sadly, like varus, she like mobility. It can put her into some really sticky situations. But her range is crazy, and the aoe on her autos is SO nice.

Twisted fate is my favorite mid laner. He offers great roam potential, which i PREACH as a mid laner. he can get himself or his lanes ahead and it’s super easy to gank with the jungler with him. He doesn’t do well in lane, but if you can get out of lane even that’s a win for you.

Xayah is the most recent adc and i love her kit. her ult let’s her go untargetable and her e can do MASSIVE amount of damage. Her positioning of her feathers plays a key part in her damage. She’s a blast to play and when paired with rakan they can’t be stopped.

Orianna is the definition of a control mage. She scales insanely well and is super easy to farm with. Not to mention her ults can completely turn a lost fight to a won one. She’s a super fun champ and pivotal for competitive mid laners to pick up.



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