Patch 7.20 thoughts

The bulk of this patch was slight nerfs to ardent sensor and riot trying to bring back ap galio in place of the tank galio we have now. Not a very significant patch, just a lot of tuning to champs. With pre season there more concerned about that then the end of this season. It seems like it’s a good thing that adc’s were brought into the spot light, but usually when that happens it spells doom out for them in upcoming patches. I predict that they’re going to get nerfed hard going into pre season or every other role is going to get buffed significantly to take the fun out of playing adc and it becomes a meta centered around killing the adc 24/7 and tanks doing more damage than them. This patch brought down the oppressiveness of shield supports and made them more balanced in terms of there being actual counter play to them and not rushing to finish your first item. There isnt much more to say about this patch, it was on the lighter side, so that’s it.

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