Preseason?! Thoughts on Zoe…?

Preseason is all about the rune and mastery update… or rather the replacement of? It makes buying defensive items much more of a necessity on squishy champs because otherwise you’ll just get one shot all day… I’ve sadly been experiencing this in all of my solo que games it almost seems to make the games shorter as well since it’s easier to get kills and snowball your lead, so be wary of that. Positioning is going to be more important than ever, one wrong step and you’ll be seeing a grey screen quicker than ever. What’s scary is unless you go in the resolve tree and forgo a bunch of damage, you have to play a lot safer. Zoe has come out as an absolute power house. Her e brings a new type of cc called “sleep” which is basically a stun until damage is applied. She seems like old Nidale with slightly less mobility(depending on circumstances) and more cc. Her w seems really obnoxious since she gets random spikes for a flash, or a barrier. Or a random item actives. I’m thinking she’ll be nerfed, but who knows. There is some counter play, but her e needs to be on a higher cooldown. It’s too good of a setup, and too high range to be considered balanced. Her base damages also seem too high as of now, but that’s just my 2 cents. What do you guys think?

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